Post Olympic Let Down

Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Announcements, Press

I was recently interviewed by Bloomberg on the difficulties athletes face after the Olympic Games.  The reporter, Elizabeth Lopatto, and I discussed many variables that athletes may experience following the Olympics, regardless of whether those athletes made the podium.  Unfortunately, many athletes are left to fend for themselves through this transitional period.  We don’t do a very good job at assisting athletes through this difficult time in their lives.  It’s extremely difficult to go from intense adulation for a couple of weeks to waning attention in your hometown to virtually nothing.  No one talks about this.  Many of us in sport psychology believe in the “balanced athlete”; meaning that we work on getting athletes to balance their lives appropriately.  At that point, sport is one thing, not the only thing.  Balance is essential to assist athletes through that difficult transition after the Games and even more so for those athletes who are retiring from their sport.  Imagine retiring in your mid-20’s.  What now?  Ideally, I believe each National Governing Body (NGB) should have someone on staff whose role is specifically to guide athletes in this area – and even be available to them for a period of time after their retirement from sport.  The US Ski and Snowboard Association recognizes the need for this and has a professional, Lauren Loberg, in place for the athletes.


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