Hockey Mental Toughness

Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in Announcements

HeadStrong Consulting has partnered with a local hockey club to provide mental toughness training for club players, coaches, and parents.  Nicole will be providing HeadStrong’s standard 7 Sessions to Mental Toughness training as follows:

Week 1: Coaching Mental Toughness – this session is a coaches only session where Nicole will be teaching them the mental toughness principles she will be teaching their players; this is followed by an open question and answer session where Nicole will address any current mental toughness detriments the coaches are currently facing or predicting

Week 2: Parenting Mental Toughness – this session is for all parents of the club players where Nicole will be talking about best strategies for supporting their youth athletes.  In this session, parents will learn what type of parent they are, the strengths and weaknesses of that approach, and strategies for helping their children reach their goals.

Week 3:  This starts the 5 Cardinal Skills of Mental Toughness with the 1st Cardinal Skill = Control.  In this athlete session, the hockey players will learn to first control themselves (both mind and body) so they then have a opportunity to better control their on-ice performances.

Week 4: 2nd Cardinal Skill = Concentration and Focus.  In this session, players will be learning how to get their minds in the right place at the right time, and to filter out unwanted internal and external distractions.

Week 5: 3rd Cardinal Skill = Imagery.  Hockey players will learn what imagery is, how it is used to enhance performance, and will walk away with individualized performance enhancement imagery plans.

Week 6: 4th Cardinal Skill = Self-talk.  In this session, players will learn to control their thoughts so they are beneficial, rather than detrimental, to on-ice performance.

Week 7: 5th Cardinal Skill = Pre-Performance Routines.  In this session, players will be challenged to put the previous 4 skills together in an individualized plan so when the initial puck drops they are not only warmed up, but they are ready to go.


Interested in the 7 Sessions to Mental Toughness plan for your club or team?  Contact HeadStrong today for more details!