Making a Difference

Posted by on Nov 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

I was incredibly moved by a story I heard this morning. Last week I did a seminar for the instructors at a local ski resort. It was a 30 minute introduction to who I am and what I do followed by an activity that was intended to set up the sessions I will be doing with this group the rest of the season . There were about 75 people in attendance. It was well received, we had a lot of laughs, and there was an incredible positive energy flowing throughout the room. Today I returned to work with a second group of instructors. Prior to beginning the session, the program director pulled me aside and told me a story. A particular man in the group had decided a few years ago that he was done with instructing. He was somewhat bitter about certain events and felt stagnant so he decided to move on. His daughter, however, started as an instructor at the same resort and continues to be involved. The two of them have had a strained relationship the past couple of years and tend to argue each time they get together. She was present in my seminar last week and went to visit her dad afterwards. According to him, she began talking about our day and her experiences in my seminar. She spoke of the energy and passion I brought to that 30 minutes and how she felt moved by that to not only listen to what I said but to apply it to herself. As she talked, she had an “epiphany” before his eyes on her interactions with others and how that has impacted her relationships and, ultimately, her life. According to him, she walked out of his house a different person than she walked in – and they didn’t have a single argument. She was lighter and happier. Because of this interaction, he decided to go back to being an instructor — and was in my session this morning with a smile.

This blew me away and allowed me to explore a few thoughts. In our lives we never know what influence we may have on others. We may go through a “normal” day, doing our own thing, without any awareness of whose lives we have touched that day and in what capacity. In the above story, I was just doing my job — doing my thing. Though I would always like to have a positive influence, I would never have thought that a 30 minute introduction session could move someone so deeply. What I learned — we all have the power to influence others in ways we may not understand. Our energies flow from us and surround others. We are each responsible for the energy we bring into each space. We all have an effect. My challenge for you is to be sure your effect is positive — for you may never really know how far your influence will reach.

We are all in this together. Have an A-1 Day!!